Monday, November 15, 2010

Fox's Secret of Transformation

I have created a new file, I know it was fast, but I used the other one as a start, and usually starting is the hardest part

This file uses the a friendly fox spirit to introduce people to the concept of transformation, using a fox to half human and a human to half fox example

It is just the example used to the file, and it opens up your mind to the possibility of becoming anything you desire, by exploring your dreams and fantasies with this special Fox



Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mentor Bear of Time

I have created a new file

This file uses the motivation a child has to be good and do all his work, to motivate the person listening now that he is far past that stage in life.

Only use this file if you have positive memories you connect with being a child, it is suppose to build on the positive, not the negative.



Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Goals as a Hypnotist

Recently I have decided that making my goal known is the only way to start working towards it, so I choose to place it here on the website.

I understand that trust is an integral part of hypnosis, and I seek to find women who are interested in first building that trust as we get to know each other. My interests in hypnosis run both to practical application as well as to method and technique. I seek to find others of like mind.

I have been working with hypnosis for 3 years, meeting people and creating the best methods for trance possible. I take hypnosis seriously, and took the time to get certified October 09 by the American Medial Association. This allowed me to understand hypnosis and explain it to others at the deepest level possible.

My interests in hypnosis focus on the idea of new experiences, learning about yourself or others by altering your view on life or your view of yourself during a trance. A session normally involves experiences some sort of transformation, possibly gaining a physical or mental trait you have desired or been curious about, then working with me as you explore this change you have gone through, then awakening back to reality so you can reflect and learn from what has occurred.

I am always open to making new friends, and since I can't get to know people who i can't talk to, please feel free to contact me. I check my messages every day, and make myself available whenever possible, so I will hopefully get to everyone who is interested within hours of contact. Hope to hear from you soon.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Solution to Failed Trance

Although the problem of not being good at trancing is a common issue, there recently have been many posts about it, so I want to give my two cents about problems, misconceptions, and what possible solutions are. These are opinions, based on my experience and training, but remember everyone is wired differently, and can think of more important reasons, or even better solutions.

1. You have to believe in hypnosis
So many people complain that a trance should work because they believe in hypnosis, and that is all that is required.
This is not true, saying you believe in hypnosis is just one of the steps to opening yourself up to a receptive state where hypnosis works. Many other things could still be preventing you, as will be seen in the next parts.

2. The voice seems to relax me
Due to the nature of hypnosis, a relaxing voice seems to be the best thing to have in a file or as a hypnotist, but this is not quite true. The best voice for hypnosis needs to do 2 things, 1 relax you of course, 2 keep your attention, so that even if you are drowsy, you will still listen. I will expand on this in part 6.

3. I want only some of this file to work, so I'll listen to it, and my mind will block out what I don't want
Trust. Trust is a huge part of hypnosis, you have to trust the voice you are listening to, so that even your unconscious will listen to it, as you begin to fade into unconsciousness. If anything breaks that trust, or even distracts you for a moment, your unconscious will either wake you up, or stop listening and just go to sleep. With enough time, and talking with a hypnotist, that trust can be formed for people that have a harder time trusting others. For many people, the scary thought of a file or hypnotist having alternate motives for putting them in trance breaks any trust they could have for the first several listens, or first sessions, even if they consciously say it is safe.

4.I fell asleep during the file, and woke up with no memory of the words said, was I tranced?
Most likely.....No. I know what you are saying, "Many success stories involve the person having amnesia of events that occurred while in trance", but those are the people that have great success with hypnosis all the time, and are going under for the relaxation, not because they expect some result or want to try something. If someone was trancing you into becoming or doing something you wanted so bad, you would most likely remember at least the most important points, because they have to have gone so deep for the trance to have really worked.

5. I really want this, shouldn't that make it easier?
Yes, and no. It is good to focus your mind on a goal, desire can fuel the fire to keep you motivated, but too many people turn the focus too obsession, and look constantly for new ways to get things instantly working. The best way to use focus, is to meditate (yes I know this is some deeper level stuff then hypnosis, but I still think it is effective), and look up ways to speak with your unconscious mind. You need to make sure you know what he/she wants, that he/she knows what you want, what you think the best way to get it is, and what they think the best way is. If it is something you want deeply enough, these conversations with your unconscious will go more smoothly, and you will come out with the best plan possible, based on both fact and desire.

6.What makes one induction better then another?
This is an important point. The thing that makes a file good for you, actually comes down to what you think of it. A file that is going to put you into trance needs to have a calm voice, with no interruptions or random sounds, maybe with some background noise, that will get you to that relaxed place, much like listening to a professor go on and on in a lecture (like I am sure many of us have been in). However, unlike a boring lecture, a hypnosis file needs to KEEP YOUR ATTENTION. I know that sounds confusing, "how you can be both relaxed and attentive?", so let me give an example:

You are sleeping soundly in your bed, it is the middle of the night, and you plan to keep sleeping for many more hours. Suddenly there is a very faint sound, your cell phone going off, inside of your bag, or on your shelf. It is so soft it would not wake up your neighbors, but to you, you are suddenly wide awake, and rushing to get the phone. What happened? Why did you awake but no one else did?

People are trained to wake up when something important to them makes a sound they are familiar with. Be it their cell phone ring, a baby cry, a fire alarm (Though those things can be really loud). Their unconscious minds are still listening, even though their conscious minds are fast asleep. Hypnosis uses the same method.

A hypnotist voice needs to be something the person is familiar with, something they view as important, that way even if they are dozing off, their unconscious is still listening to the words, allowing themselves to be guided along, and instead of being given the command to simply wake up, the hypnotist can guide them to doing, so many different things.

This is the end of my thoughts for now, but feel free to comment to add more, to argue points, or even post success you have had since taking the time to read this *wink*.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Phone

Now to go from my serious last post, to something a little more light hearted. I got a new phone, so that means my old phone has to go. I had saved some really old text messages, so I am going to post them here so I still feel I have them in some form.

"Got the wii. 2 more mirror pieces left and i have 3 bomb bags and 6 hidden skills. Lightning misses u" -Carlos 12/28/06

"Happy Valentine's Day Bro. Hope you're not feeling sick anymore." -Sister 2/14/07


"Merry Christmas! :) <3" -Jessica K. 12/25/08

"Hey, this is Stephanie. U helped me out last quarter for ics21.just wanted to thank u4 ur help. I passed the class!Hope ur quarter goes well. Take care!" -Stephanie 1/21/09

"Happy Birthday son. Wow, no longer a teenager. I hope you are having a great day." -Dad 2/7/09

"Ok. I have a pink umbrella. Waiting for the tram right now." -Ebbie 4/20/09

"Sorry Baxter! This is sabel. Tonight actually wasn't good (for hypnosis) I'm swamped with hw:(" -Sabel 10/26/09

"Happy new years! i hope ur 2009 was a good one... I also hope ur 2010 is wonderful one!! I miss you and love u! :) *hugs and kisses*" -CF 1/1/10 11mins into the year

"I'm alright. Very little actually happened because of the earthquake, although I did get a few phonecalls. xD Anyways, I'm off to class." -Steven 4/5/2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I have a file I use with just about everyone I talk to. In this file there is, as I always describe it as having, "A deepening trigger, an awakening trigger, and a suggestion trigger". That third one is the one that is both hardest to pin down, but the most important to make clear. In the file, it is a trigger called "I command..." and basically you have to do anything I suggest that follows those words. I manly use it for some basic tests, because I assume with a trigger that flimsy, the suggestions would only go so deep. After those basic tests to see what sticks, what doesn't, as well as what the person likes, and things they don't like, I assume we can then have a full session on that subject, and everyone is happy.

However, that is not what has happened once or twice, happening most recently yesterday.

After giving the person the file, and file description, they went off to listen to it. Upon finally hearing back from her, she said that trigger could be used to lure them into my submission forever, and I broke their trust, and blocked me.

Is this my fault? Should I have made things more clear? I assume that the trigger is not weak enough to even do the things they claimed, but I do see where the fears come from, even though making slaves is the furthest thing away from my mind.

Should I chalk this up to someone being oversensitive, or should I make some kind of warning from now on about my file, and the plan I have for the person? I don't normally like to plan too far ahead till we have talked for a while, so I can see if I like the person. but if I am making a bad first impression with my file, will they even want to talk to me? What do you think?


Here is the link

A version without an awaken at the end

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Broken Computer

Hey guys, sorry to not post much since I got back from Japan. Still getting used to my new place, and enjoying my few last days off before school starts.

Unfortunately some unknown agent has caused my main desktop computer to crash, and I am currently looking into both what caused it, and how much it is going to cost.

If you have wanted a session or a file, now is a really good time to ask because I am really in need of the cash. I am attaching my tip jar once again, only tip if we did something, but please think about it if you can.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Speeding Ticket

I can't remember if I mentioned it on here, but back in June I was visiting my parents, and on the way there I got a speeding Ticket. This is the first ticket of any kind I had gotten, and I know I was going too fast, but I wasn't expecting there to be such a huge fine. There is a little extra cost cause I am going to school to keep the ticket off my record. For the ticket, school authorization, and school itself, it is coming out to be around 400$. Sorry to ask for tips again after coming back from Japan, and not saying I can't pay for it myself, but lets just say every tip helps, thanks again.

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PS: Working on a whole new blog just for my Trip to Japan, hopefully it will be up soon.

Friday, July 16, 2010


I am gonna be so busy these next few days, really don't expect to see me till Wednesday. Once I get back I'll replace this post with details, till then see ya around!

-Frost Endwood

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Japan Trip update!

Hey guys, just wanted to write out an update to those that I have not seen around while on my trip, as well as those I may not have given all the current details to.

I have been in Japan since June 29, I left Tuesday morning, and got there Wednesday afternoon, cause I lost a day as we flew over the ocean. I met up with the rest of my University group on Thursday and took the Train to the hotel.

There I met my roommate, who is a pretty nice laid back guy, though he snores really loudly at night. Over the next few days we got tours of the city we were staying in, as well as a very lovely Tour of Tokyo itself.

Then all last week, and continuing this week, I have classes, which were actually very nice, learning about Manga, Anime in one class, and Jazz in the other. A few papers to write for them, but they leave plenty of time to explore on our own.

I have been to many different places using the subway, it is really convenient to get almost anywhere, be it the Akihabara electronics distract, Shibuya Fashion stores, or The Sun Mall in Nakano.

This Saturday however we are going on a train trip to a completely different part of Japan, a place I may not have computer access in. It will be fun trips I will share when I get back on Wednesday, but I never do that well with no computer for a while and will probably need alot of time to catch up on all the things I missed.

Well that is all for now, hoping to find a nice place besides facebook to upload all my pictures on. Hopefully hear from you all soon!

-Frost Endwood

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Life update: End of June

Hey guys, Frost here, I wanted to let all of you know what is going on in my life, so when I dissapear from time to time you know where I am.

This weekend I am going with relatives to RV by a lake, it is almost like camping :P We are staying Friday through Sunday, and I will probably not be on much, wanting to spend all my time with my realtives. The reason this trip is important is because it is the last time I will see them before leaving to Japan.

I leave for Japan on Tuesday Morning, I can't believe it is time to go already. In Japan though, I will be bringing my laptop, so I will be on, though probably at greatly diferent times of the day. I also plan to see many sites, so that will keep me busy as well. I won't be able to inform you of my average online times till I am there for a few days, but I will try and keep you updated

I plan to take tons of pictures, and put them on my facebook, and other places, so if you want to see them just ask when you see me around. Never be afraid to leave me a message on yahoo if I am not online, I will see it eventually, probably sooner then if you sent me an email. Messages on skype are a little weird, both people need to be online to be sent, so if you need to contact me from skype, best use the email

Well that is about all I can ay for now, I am actually on the road using my Dad's wireless anywhere thing to post this, so hope it reaches you all soon!

-Frost Endwood
yahoo: Dendwood
Skype: Frost.endwood

PS: I got a speeding ticket the other day, so tips will probably be going to paying that off for a while :( I have been much much better about speed more recently, wish that could get me out of the ticket, but nothing I can do.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tip Jar is filling

First of all, I want to say thank you to all the people that have giving me tips. It always brightens up my day for me to think that you really enjoyed it so deeply, and don't mind showing it. Every tip is going to my Japan trip fund, which is coming up in July! So only have one more month of tip collecting, then the tips are going towards a different goal.

Second, I want to apologize if any of you think I am asking too much for tips. The trip is coming up very soon, and the more I have saved up, the less I have to worry. I really don't want to have to charge for online service, and love it being free for all. So think of each tip as not only a tip, but a donation to keep what I am doing free. I doubt I could ever charge for online sessions, but just know that you keep it even further away.

So thanks again for all the help, and I'll try and come back from Japan with tons of Pictures to share with everyone so you can see how awesome a time I had, and how you helped make it possible! See you soon

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New induction already?

Hey guys, some people were complaining about the noise in my new file, so I tried the noise reduction program in audacity, and made a new version. I think it sounds good, though I didn't listen to the whole thing, tell me what you guys think and if anything is messed up that I missed? you guys are the best!

Here of course

Also here just in case

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I just got rather insulted today. I will not use any names, but the offending party called me too young to know anything about hypnosis, and that I was just a child chasing a fantasy. All I did to provoke this opinion was ask what about hypnosis interested them, and gave them the common answer of the relaxing, the fantasy, or the control. They apparently took it to mean I wanted to control them, satisfy my desires like some horny idiot, when that was not what I meant at all. I make no assumptions when meeting new people, and I feel it is respectful to do that same. They continued to assume I know nothing of hypnosis, which could not be farther from the truth.
I have well over 2 1/2 years of experience helping many many people online, refining my style, learning what works, and what does not. I have also been trained by a professional, given loads of insight to further my training, and a certificate proving I have learned so much.
I will try to not let it get to me too much, it was just someone with a mean opinion and a negative look on the world, but still I am trying to find if there is any way I present myself that could be improved. Do you all recommend anything? Or am I just fine the way I am?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New induction file!

Hey guys, Frost here, I just made a new version of my induction file. It is very similar to my old one, but with some important changes, word choices, things like that. Please download it, and give it a shot! If you liked the other one, you will like this even more! See you around


PS: For those who have never listened, this file takes you under, gives you a trigger to go under in the future with me, a trigger that lets me make simple suggestions to see how suggestible you are, and a trigger to wake you up. Enjoy!

Get it here!

EDIT: Wow, Megaupload is giving me tons of trouble today, gonna put it up on media fire, maybe try that one if megaupload doesn't work

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

School is Important!

Dear Everyone,

Hey there, it is Frost, that lovable hypnotist. As most of you know I am 21 and in college, and I wanted you all to know this quarter has some quite early classes. Normally I am pretty good at getting up in time for them, but quite a few things have happened that is making this more difficult. I live much further away so I have to get up even earlier for a long drive, I have no time for breakfast which would help keep me awake, and of course the most boring classes are the ones that need me to get up at 7:45am which just put me back to sleep once I get there. Luckily it is pretty early in the quarter, so I want to solve this problem by getting more sleep. This means I must sacrifice late night hypnosis sessions and talking. From now on, I am trying to do my best to get offline by 11PST, with the absolute shut off being 11:30pst. This gives me enough time to talk with my friends, and anything beyond that is just pointless because the energy could be used much better in the next day. I'll try and do this myself, but if you see me on at 11pm, or I am talking to you at 11pm, feel free to ask why I am not offline yet :) . I never mind a suggestion to head out, in fact it makes it easier cause then I know people are caring about my well being. Also if I am talking to you and have to leave, always remember it is just for my education, and has nothing to do with you. Hopefully this will work out well for everyone, just as long as I stick to my plan like I should. Thanks for taking time to read this, and hopefully talk to you all soon!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dream for 3/21/10

Dream happened between 10am-2pm, 4hours of 3/21/10

First thing I can remember, is a man was half turned into a dragon, but not a normal dragon, more like a fur dragon, meaning a much smaller, cuter one. I am not sure if it was my fault or his, but that didn't seem important (I want to blame some kind of potion or something). I also felt like, I personally could turn into a dragon at any time, I had the experience, so I needed to help this person really badly. The more we talked, the worse it got, just cause the change was happening slowly not cause of the words, but the more trust we gained, the calmer he seemed. He did completely become a fur dragon, and could not talk, but he could still understand me. I don't remember how I saved him, but soon he was back to a rather older, more mature/masculine older man.
NOTE:I think this is my uncosncious telling me no matter what changes happen, I'll always be there on the inside
So the man was very happy to be normal again, but suddenly he spoke of me like he knew me so well, like we had been friends, more then that for a while, but I had no memory of any of that. He told me how we stayed up most nights in bed, talking about how I would be a dragon shaman, and my studies were ocming along, but it all seemed a blur. I thought maybe I had bitten him, kinda like a vampire, made him my dragon spawn, but I really had no clue. I hugged him, knowing I could trust him, and he was probably right, and went off to confront my mother.
NOTE:This could be my unconscious telling me how we chat all the time, and I just don't realize it, but it also did feel like I forgot something really important (in the dream)
So I confronted my mother, (just dream one, not real one), and she was playing it off like I was just being a tad forgetful, but I got really upset, saying it was a spell, or curse, I wouldn't forget something that important, I wouldn't forget someone as important and awesome I am suppose to have known for a while. She suggested, or I demanded, we spend the day going out, and we left, and my sister (younger sister, rl one is older) joined us which I didn't seem to mind, but two cousins where following us, just to make sure we were "safe". So as we were walking along, through some kind of parking lot, I finally asked his name, he said it was "Pickles", or at least that was his nickname.
NOTE:In my hypnosis sessions, Pickle is a safety word, leading me again to believe this story is to show I will always be safe deep down
So we went through the parking lot, my sister and I jumping really high, almost flying, but trying not to make too much attention cause we were getting close to people. I was talking with pickles while I suddenly snapped out of my forgetful trance, truly "woke up my memories", and I told him it was probably him Transforming into the fur dragon. Transformations always wake me up to what is going on :P. He laughed a bit, and we ended up at a hot dog place, probably cause I was hungry irl and the real life hunger then woke me up.

I have been a dragon in a few dreams before, as well as many other things, and sometimes had a partner, or someone to talk to , but not always, still is really awesome, and happy to share it. Would love some comments on what you think of it all

Friday, March 12, 2010


ALL LINKS NO LONGER WORK, LOOK FOR A NEW POST SOON I realized you might want to see some of my older files as well, so I will list them all and some details:

DeepTranceNow + Test

My first file, my old induction, I used to give this out, but now I really do not like it anymore, I would not recommend listening to it, but I thought I would put it up here. This file as a trigger to go deep, a test trigger that makes you itch, and an awakener

Frost's Induction

My current best induction I have shared with many people, though I might be making a new one soon, and I will update you if I do! This file has a deepening trigger, a commanding trigger that allows me to test how easilly people can follow along with my guidance, and an awakening trigger.

Frost's Induction NO AWAKEN

Just what it sounds like, I made this for people so they can listen to it on loop if they so desire

Spirit Bond Part1

A file that helps you make a mental companion from your unconscious mind. I used a script I found online, but modified it in many ways to fit my style. There has never been a request for the second part, since most get what they need from this, but I might do it some day.


The first file I had made in a while, turns anyone into a strong confident female, using a magical flower that grows in their unconscious mind. It is Triggerable, all you have to do is imagine spelling the flower to make it happen, and put the scent back in the flower to return to normal.

Lunar Rabbit

The first in a series of files I plan to make about meeting elemental animals. This Lunar Rabbit helps people have stronger dreams, remember them more clearly, take control of them in time, and even astral project if they so desire. It puts a door in your mind, linking you to where the Rabbit lives, so you can visit and get more help any time, just by closing your eyes and imagining it.

Little Star

Not so much a file, but thought I would put it here anyway. Me singing twinkle twinkle little star, I made it for a friend that was having trouble sleeping. If you really like my voice, feel free to use it to help you sleep as well :D

That is all for now, but I have plans for more, and will share them in the future!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tip Jar

If you really enjoyed a session, it would really help me if you left a tip, the size can be anything you desire, and it really lets me know you care! Thanks


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So I am having a conversation with a friend I only see every few days online, I have had a really crappy day and he was just about to cheer me up and about to study more for a big final, and bam the power goes out. I would have remember that the power was going to go out, got a thing in the mail, but I forgot. So I am sure everyone is panicing about me, and I think of what to do. My laptop is busted and cannot run without power, and who knows if there is still internet here. I suddenly get the brilliant idea to go out to a starbucks for free wifi, so I get all my stuff together, feel super ready, even have a flashlight and head to my car. The door on my car is still busted but that is another story. I put starbucks into my tom tom and head out. Then after driving a short distance, I find that my tom tom has put me into the middle of no where, so I try and find another, and get stuck at a light that doesn't seem to notice I am there. I scream. I get there and....another middle of no where, after getting on the freeway cause I got so lost, I finally found one...and relized they were way past closed. So now I just want to head home, and relize I am almost out of gas, so I head to a gas station, the lights are off but the machines are on, I got up to one, it says insert card, I put it in, AND THEN is when it decides to say out of order. So I head to another gas station, it works, but the pump is buster and gos 10x as slow as it normally does. I finally make it home, the power is still out. I try using my sister's laptop, but it is a mac, and I have no idea how to turn it on, or if the internet even works. I finally relize I could use my phone, I sign on, and get like 10 messages, probably going to run up my bill like crazy, and just as I start to explain things, the power goes back on, so it was all a waste, the friend is gone, and I drove around for nothing, and probably really messed up my cell phone bill. I need to remind you, all this bad shit happened IN A SINGLE HOUR
EDIT:While trying to make myself feel better I spilled warm, luckily not boiling, water on my hand that I was going to use for a cup of soup.