Thursday, February 7, 2013

6(+1) New Files for all

Hey guys again! Trying to keep up a steady stream of creation, I have created 6 new files. Most of them came from a day when taking notes on something else. I get my best ideas when ever so slightly distracted. Of the 7 new files, 3 of them are sequels, continuations of things already done, and 3 are new files for you to enjoy, and one is a bonus little thing. I also did something new with the sound, that maybe some audiophiles might notice!
Panther Door Second Visit
In this sequel file to this, you meet the panther for a full workout session. You go completely through one exercise, while learning many important things about working out. Get ready to get pumped with your trainer, and get even stronger gym motivation.
Magical Mushroom Experimentation
In this sequel file to this, you show me the mushrooms you have gathered. With me as a reference point you shrink and grow, and see what its like to be big, or so very little. If you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland, get ready to go on a journey.
Fox Door Second Visit
In this sequel file to the fox file here, you join the fox for a day of diving. You and the fox experiment with a small form, a big form, and the form of another race. You have fun sharing the experiences, and exploring them to their fullest. If you want to learn more about transformation, this one is for you.
Tiger Door of Swapping
In this new file, you meet the swap loving Tiger guardian. If you even wanted to change body parts with someone, or maybe put your head on another body, the Tiger is your guy to see. Meet him in this file, go through a swap or two with him, and see if you can impress him with your interests in it as well.
Sheep Door of Walls and Goals
In this new file, you meet the wall using Sheep guardian. Though small and woolen, this sheep is serious about getting things done, and isn't afraid to make you feel helpless if you can't complete your tasks. If you ever needed more motivation, and you wanted a unique way to get it, you know you have to try this one out
Horse Door of Running
In this new file, you meet a Horse that loves to run. If running is your thing, or you want to start working our with some light cardio, the horse will be happy to share his tips, to keep you motivated to run every day, while working hard. Even if you can already run marathons, meet a new friend who loves running just as much.
In this bonus file, I simply wish you a goodnight. A full induction, a suggestion to sleep deep, have wonderful dreams, and no awakener, I hope you have a good night sleep!

Next might be about a coiling snake, a generous dragon, a puppet loving rat, or some other ideas I have too. Love to hear your suggestions!