Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Phone

Now to go from my serious last post, to something a little more light hearted. I got a new phone, so that means my old phone has to go. I had saved some really old text messages, so I am going to post them here so I still feel I have them in some form.

"Got the wii. 2 more mirror pieces left and i have 3 bomb bags and 6 hidden skills. Lightning misses u" -Carlos 12/28/06

"Happy Valentine's Day Bro. Hope you're not feeling sick anymore." -Sister 2/14/07


"Merry Christmas! :) <3" -Jessica K. 12/25/08

"Hey, this is Stephanie. U helped me out last quarter for ics21.just wanted to thank u4 ur help. I passed the class!Hope ur quarter goes well. Take care!" -Stephanie 1/21/09

"Happy Birthday son. Wow, no longer a teenager. I hope you are having a great day." -Dad 2/7/09

"Ok. I have a pink umbrella. Waiting for the tram right now." -Ebbie 4/20/09

"Sorry Baxter! This is sabel. Tonight actually wasn't good (for hypnosis) I'm swamped with hw:(" -Sabel 10/26/09

"Happy new years! i hope ur 2009 was a good one... I also hope ur 2010 is wonderful one!! I miss you and love u! :) *hugs and kisses*" -CF 1/1/10 11mins into the year

"I'm alright. Very little actually happened because of the earthquake, although I did get a few phonecalls. xD Anyways, I'm off to class." -Steven 4/5/2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I have a file I use with just about everyone I talk to. In this file there is, as I always describe it as having, "A deepening trigger, an awakening trigger, and a suggestion trigger". That third one is the one that is both hardest to pin down, but the most important to make clear. In the file, it is a trigger called "I command..." and basically you have to do anything I suggest that follows those words. I manly use it for some basic tests, because I assume with a trigger that flimsy, the suggestions would only go so deep. After those basic tests to see what sticks, what doesn't, as well as what the person likes, and things they don't like, I assume we can then have a full session on that subject, and everyone is happy.

However, that is not what has happened once or twice, happening most recently yesterday.

After giving the person the file, and file description, they went off to listen to it. Upon finally hearing back from her, she said that trigger could be used to lure them into my submission forever, and I broke their trust, and blocked me.

Is this my fault? Should I have made things more clear? I assume that the trigger is not weak enough to even do the things they claimed, but I do see where the fears come from, even though making slaves is the furthest thing away from my mind.

Should I chalk this up to someone being oversensitive, or should I make some kind of warning from now on about my file, and the plan I have for the person? I don't normally like to plan too far ahead till we have talked for a while, so I can see if I like the person. but if I am making a bad first impression with my file, will they even want to talk to me? What do you think?


Here is the link

A version without an awaken at the end

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Broken Computer

Hey guys, sorry to not post much since I got back from Japan. Still getting used to my new place, and enjoying my few last days off before school starts.

Unfortunately some unknown agent has caused my main desktop computer to crash, and I am currently looking into both what caused it, and how much it is going to cost.

If you have wanted a session or a file, now is a really good time to ask because I am really in need of the cash. I am attaching my tip jar once again, only tip if we did something, but please think about it if you can.

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PS if you are having trouble sending money directly, try using the instant payment below, thought takes out a small fee :(

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