Sunday, September 10, 2017

Train yourself and Enjoy yourself

I have a new schedule for making files, and it seems to have worked as I have 5 new ones to share. No story based ones this time, but some things I have been looking for ways to put into words. I hope you give each of them a try, or at least find one thing that matches your interest. My suggestions for next time are also fairly light, so feel free to submit ideas in the comments as well!

Cheeta quick results training (Dropbox)
This is another workout file, but I try to focus more clearly on just introducing someone to working out, instead of a focus on muscle building. With a fast moving cheeta trainer, you will get to do lots of things, but also learn how to do things right. There is also some discussion of how your heart works while you train if you want some teaching as well. If you ever wanted someone to show you the ropes, this is the file for you.

Hyena Height Hustle and more (Dropbox)
My first file that I really do consider a curse. It is a bit of a second version of the previous elephant themed file, with the guardian stealing the things you like, this time very specifically focusing on your muscle, height, and cock size, so will be for men only. The effects will linger past the end of the file, and will require someone to trigger you to return to normal. So if you are willing to give being little a try, and see how long it will last, give this curse a go.

Totem Training for Transformation (Dropbox)
In my ongoing effort to get more people intro transformation, I have created a new file to train with it, but with a different sort of topic. Instead of focusing on the wonderful changes your body can go through, I focus on how you can keep yourself safe, by creating a totem. This is an item that you keep with you, transforms with you, encourages changes, but also helps you return to normal more quickly. Picture it strongly as you listen, and you will find how easy it is to become whatever you desire

Witch's Potion of Desire (Dropbox)
The witch is back with another brew for you to try out. This one gives you a direct control over physical desire. She tries it out on herself, giving you an understanding and appreciation of what desire can do, but then gives you freedom to try it on whatever you like. If you ever wanted to see how strongly you could want something, or want to play with something, give this a try

Bunny Desire Room - Kitty Cougar (Dropbox)
Heading back to the desire room, the empty white space where imagination takes over, however this time you are at the whims of another's imagination. You meet a young woman who wants more power and sexiness in her life, soon learning she draws inspiration from a cougar she met once, and wants to be one herself. If you ever wanted to spend a sexy evening with a milf, no matter if you are male or female, try seeing what the kitty cougar has in store for you.

Hope you all enjoy, and love hearing about your personal experiences, share the magic with all that you can!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

A change for your post April Fools

Hello once again. I always think I will get the next set of files out quickly, but then the months pass and I have to kick myself to get them done. Still I always have fun writing them, and hope you enjoy as well. Two files this time are actually recreations of stories that I wrote for friends. I am not sure I will do that again in the future, but was fun to try. Also one file has pictures that go along with it, and it really made writing for it fun!

Muscle Theft at the Protein Factory (Dropbox)
This file is for big guys that need a good downgrade. I know that is a narrow audiance, but some guys just love being taken down a peg, made to feel like the whimps they are constantly teasing. Maybe give it a try if you want to feel like you are hot shit, but have karma bite you in the ass right away. Also a unique trigger of having to drink 10 protien shakes before it wears off. Tread lightly, or you might get cursed.

Full Milk Massage (Dropbox)
Another muscle themed file, but this one is centered all around the pecs. If you ever wanted to have the shelf of a god, resting cans on it, or just wanted nipples you can really tug, give this one a try. You assume the role of a muscle guy, that slowly becomes a thicker piece of meat, through a special massage. If you are already huge, let me know if this gets you bigger, or is just a fun way to play with your pecs. Last as long as you keep playing with yourself so enjoy it.

Dom Wolf to Subby Fox (Dropbox)
Another path on my wolf swap series, though from a different angle this time. Once again, gay guys only~ Also it stars the fox from my files, but you don't have to have met him before to enjoy this file. Your wolf is curious of a fox's subby life style, and decides to give it a try, maybe he gets in over his head, or its exactly what he wanted. If you were ever unsure if you were dom or sub, this file will push you to the very deepest depths of Sub for you to enjoy, and stay in long after listening.

Size Collar Downgrade (Dropbox)
A more friendly version of the Muscle Shrink file. This time it is controlled by a collar that you can physically wear, which will compress you to a much smaller size. It will make you incredably submissive to the person that placed the collar on you, and will last for a few hours after waring, depending on how long it was on your neck. It also has an additional effect of making you feel huge once you do grow back. Maybe give it a try before you head to the gym, and you will grow back into all your workouts, who wouldn't love that?

Elephant Pink Bubbly Shower (Dropbox)
A request for a friend's birthday, making a file of someone taking a magical shower that turns them into a big and beautiful elephant woman. If you love shower triggers, or just want to feel clean in a very unique way, give this one a try. Lasts only until you towel off, so enjoy the suds and see what bubbles up. This was also based on a small comic Can view the pictures here though it is NSFW and requires an account

Happy to hear your suggestions for the next set, but have a few good ideas already, lets see how long until I get them out there!

Monday, November 14, 2016

End 2016 with something fun

Hey all, some new files just before the holiday season, and quite a big load. These some of these come from the contest I held a few months back, while a few others come directly from me. No real theme to these ones, except plenty of transformations. I also give some friends early copies of a few of these, so you might have already enjoyed some, but plenty of new ones as well. Enjoy if you want to try something new! Also trying to provide backup links through dropbox, since some people have said Media Fire Gives them troubles. At some point will update the master list as well.

Wolf Pack Betas (Dropbox)
Wolf Pack Omegas (Dropbox)
More sequels to my wolf swap files, since they continue to be the most popular ones. The difference is this time you meet and affect an entire pack with your swap play. "Betas" makes you tiny around huge men, "Omegas" makes you huge around tiny twinks. If you are looking for even more men to serve, or maybe to order around, feel free to give this a shot, and keep the howl going

Piggy Head Chef (Dropbox)
In this file you meet a Head Chef Pig that helps you find the passion of cooking, the skills that are required, the patience you will find in making things just right. He will also feed you and get you a bit similar to his chubby form, so if you love food or just want to break your belts, give this a try. Have had people say it felt like a cooking ASMR, so if you feel relaxed in the kitchen, it can be used for that as well, enjoy any way you like.

Tiger Shark Sneak (Dropbox)
In this file you meet the silly Tiger and test out his latest invention, a perfect disguise that will make anyone an attractive woman in a shark themed bikini. The disguise is only visible by others, so don't expect a detailed change, just getting to enjoy the benefits of others seeing you as a sexy woman. You then are made to spa on a nearby spa, filled with lovely women as well. Will you find what he is looking for? Or will you just head there for the sites and free massage? Listen and find out

Peaceful Dragon Mouse (Dropbox)
This file is based on some art I received, a silly sequence where a dragon is turned into a bunch of animals, then turned into a mouse. I made a challenge of myself to see what file I could make of it. The theme ended up becoming about relaxation, becoming small pushes away big problems, and lets you enjoy the little things. This one is only recommended for people who want to get experimental, like transformations, or think female dragons are really fun.

Witch's Hut - Dragon Spike Assistant (Dropbox)
The Witch's Apprentice comes back and this time she needs some help around her place. You agree and become a powerful dragon, though one who's power is control by the witch's needs. Slightly based on a certain assistant named spike, try it if you always enjoyed feeling helpful, feeling scales, or just want to enjoy some time with a sexy witch.

Butt Growth (Dropbox)
Similar to my bust growth file, I wanted to make another one focused purely on making the body big and beautiful. Come on a journey were we pile on the reasons your ass is going to be huge, one after another. Things will get silly, but you will leave tingling, walking in all new ways, and able to bounce with the best of them. Men and women can both enjoy, who does love a thick set of cheeks.

Macro Croc Visit (Dropbox)
This one is for all my lovers of Big. Taking a step past guardians, in this file you meet a giant crocodile themed Diety, one who can change his size (and others) at will. He mostly likes being large and in charge, but if you accept the offer to hang out, who knows what sizes you might end up at. This file is very intimidating, with very adult themes, just tried pushing myself and seeing how pushy I could be. Some implied golden shower play, without the gold stuff, but as usual I always keep things light and fun. If you just wanted someone bigger looming over you, give this one a try.

Bunny Desire Room - Women with Curves (Dropbox)
Another possible new series. What would you do if you had the white room from the matrix, where you could make anything you wanted happen? Well in this case its all about the sexy ladies. Have fun turning friends into women who have thickness in all the right places, and largeness in all the others. Just enjoy your naughty fantasizes, with someone you trust to explore them with, and learn how you can go even further with them in the future, in dreams and daydreams. If you really like this idea, let me know and I will make more!

This was a really big series, but I am glad I got through it. Still more planned like always, some even scripted out already, but might take a break before that. As always if you have ideas, please let me know and see you all around!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Try Something Silly

Hello once again. Hope everyone is getting to enjoy a summer break or at least some time off. I have a week's worth coming up soon, so thought I would celebrate with some new files. I like to work on holidays, I am weird. Speaking of weird, you will get some odd results of this set of files, all based off friends suggestions. The batch after this I might open up a special contest to, so they might be even more crazy. Hope you enjoy.

Young Cub Age Swap
Meeting the bear cub once more, he reminds you of his ability to control age. After agreeing to see what he wants, he swaps your age and his own, and engages in sexual activity with his greatly matured body. This scenario is pretty specific, but if you have been curious to be the young subby stud for an older bear that makes you his own, this might be for you. (Paired well with my previous file)

Spiral Acres - Chicken
You return to my lovely farm once more, and this time get a full tour of the chicken coup. After meeting the head hen, she shares the story of how she became a chicken such a long time ago. Before long you find yourself in that story as well, becoming a sneaky fox that falls for a trap, and becomes a chicken woman. Her story has a bigger effect on you than you might think, so come in ready to bwok, ready to lay some eggs, and ready to help the farm.

Witch's Hut - Rat Gas
First in what may be a series, a magic tent filled with trinkets and potions for you to explore, and an interesting witch's apprentice that acts as the guide and shop keep. For this first greeting, she gives you a potion to try, without saying what it does. After being a bit reluctant, you pour the green gassy liquid inside you, and through the clouds of green smoke, you find yourself turned into a cute chubby rat. The file plays it up as a surprise, so after giving it a listen, give it to a friend to try as well, just bring plenty of cheese!

Only three files this time, I think I can handle that load more quickly than four. I may post the link to the contest here, but if you are really interested in a suggestion, leave a comment or send me an email. Let me know how you enjoy these silly times!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Find yourself

Hey everyone, so after some deep meditation I decided I wanted to make a series of files based on helping people see and feel and thing of other forms. These files should be see as exercise, training for your mind to become the things you want. Listen to them once a day until you become the you in your strongest imagination!

All the files follow the exact same theme and flow, so I might repeat myself a little in the descriptions

Tree of Self - Female
You enter a deep part of the forest of thought, and find a tree that contains yourself, and any other selves you might think up. In this file you will meet and become your female self. You will pose your body, take it for a run, shower off, and slip into some comfortable outfits. It will help you make the female self of your mind something you can refer to without a second thought. Enjoy the training and feel free to share all about the new you.

Tree of Self - Strong
You enter a deep part of the forest of thought, and find a tree that contains yourself, and any other selves you might think up. In this file you will meet and become your strongest self. You will pose your body, take it for a run, shower off, and slip into some sexy outfits. It will help you make the strong and confident person you know you could be in your mind something you can refer to without a second thought. You might get a bit hot headed, but you will always know your limits. Enjoy the training and feel free to share all about the new you.

Tree of Self - Small
You enter a deep part of the forest of thought, and find a tree that contains yourself, and any other selves you might think up. In this file you will meet and become your smallest self. Someone just on the tiny side of things, in a much bigger world. You will pose your body, take it for a run, shower off, and slip into cute kid sized outfits. It will help you make a tiny version of you that your mind something you can refer to without a second thought. Enjoy the training and feel free to share all about the new smaller you.

Tree of Self - Animal(Canine)
You enter a deep part of the forest of thought, and find a tree that contains yourself, and any other selves you might think up. In this file you will meet and become your canine self. You will pose your body, take it for a run (on both two legs and four), shower off, and feel how comfortable having a set of fur can be. It will help you make the the process becoming an animal something your mind something you can refer to without a second thought. Enjoy the training and feel free to share all about the new you. Leashes optional.

I already have the next four set of files on my list, but hopefully after that I can open to suggestion again! Let me know the wonderful new selves you become, and if I should continue this series with more!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

A series of requests

Hey guys, another few months between files, but now I have a nice large set I have been working on for a while. All of these files were suggestions from friends, so some themes I am not used to, but good to give them a short. If you have been curious to try something different, gives these a chance!

Shark's Hostile Takeover on the lake
Look for a shark at the lake, and end up becoming the very thing you look for. Has a theme of becoming more hungry, both physically and emotionally, taking on challenges and consuming them with your sharp pointed teeth. If you like swimming or just want to attack life's challenges, give it a try.

Lion and Monkey hot showoff photo shoot
Meet the confidence giving lion from before, and learn of a special type of confidence that comes from a simple need to show off. Wanting to be the biggest in the room, loving to have eyes on you, and too simple to think about what it means. You are not dumbing down, you are just ignoring anything aside from your own body, only satisfied when on full display in a speedo or latex. For those that want more confidence in their body, this is for you.

Elder Bear Age Swap
Meeting the older bear once more, he reminds you of his ability to control age. After agreeing to see what he wants, he swaps your age and his own, and engages in sexual activity with his greatly youthened body. This scenario is pretty specific, but if you have been curious to be the older bear for a young stud, this might be for you.

Android Latex Upgrade
Change Log: If you have enjoyed being an android and want an upgrade to your systems, or you have just been wanting to be Latex bot, this file will provide you with the resources you need. Think of your favorite color, get comfortable in a breathing mask, and let this file melt away your worries as you soak in the new changes. Robot lovers, and Squeak lovers, get ready for the ultimate change.

Rooster intro to BDSM
I do not know much about bdsm, and feel many people might be in the same boat. This is my best idea for getting to why people enjoy it, and introducing people to the concept. I am curious to have people try it, both newcomers willing to give it a go, and people already into bdsm to say if they think it is a good into. If you are curious to get dommed in the lightest means possible, the Rooster is here to strap you into a chair, and tickle you without restraint with one of his personal feathers.

Become the Snakes Dinner
After my snake file, some people said they thought for sure the snake was going to eat them, and this is the response. If you have every wanted to slide right into someone's mouth, knowing you would be safe, this file allows you to do it. Sharing a most delicious dinner, the snake invites you to his belly, and you simply cannot resist going inside. There is no gore in the file, it is very cartoony, but by the end, you are curled up inside the snake, a ball of food in his stomach. Will you dine with him tonight?

Might take a break from file recording as I have to move house yet again, but if you want to give experiences or feedback from files, will be happy to listen!

Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 Files

Welcome to 2015 Everyone. Have a large set of files planned, and might even start allowing some commissions soon. For now, here is what I have, some more sexually charged files, made for some specific people, but I hope you all enjoy.

Dino and Horse in "Be Aggressive"
This file has two guardians from the past. The Horse of pride that was in both the horse workout file, and the spiral acres as well. He has strong pride for his body, and the lifting he achieves as he goes to the gym every day (except rest day). Along with him is the Jock Dino from the workout file that helps you get in the gym mentality, this time helping you crave for more and more. It helps to have listened to those files, but knowing their names, motivations, and imagining their forms can be all you need to listen to the file. The two fight over who gets to train you, and their deep passion and aggression pours into you and your workouts. It also comes with a trigger to instantly put you into a lifting mindset with the words "Be Aggressive". This file is for those that was to get very serious about lifting, and growing to bodybuilder size. If you think you can handle it, give it a listen.

Elephant Trickster Best Feature Show
A strong armed and heavy breath elephant uses his magic as a guardian to inflate your best physical feature. If you have every wanted to see your muscles, your breasts, your butt, or your feet grow to massive size, this will let you see what it is like. However, just as easily as things can inflate, they might deflate as well, so hope you can learn to live without that best feature as well. If you get him too mad, he might just turn your entire body into a big balloon, and keep you that way. Dare you see his show, and offer all you have to him? Listen to the file and find out.

Big Bovine Bust on the Beach
Do you like breasts, but have always felt to nervous to show your appreciation, not been sure when you have the freedom to look, or wanted to make your love for breasts even deeper? A massive lady in a cow-print bikini will take you under her wing (or under her massive cleavage) and just let you take a day off at the beach filled with stacked beauty. The bovine will dwarf your form, being so tall, though maybe feeling smaller with a bit of magic as well. She will also introduce you to her friend, the more the merrier of course. If you ever wanted some big snuggles on the beach with some big bikini women, this file is for you.

Chesire Cat causes Sexual Confusion and Curiosity
Never trust a smile that is too wide. A Cheshire cat type boy takes you into his soft bedroom and invites you for a nice snuggle. After having a shared conversation of sexual arousal, he calls upon the memories you created when you first discovered how to pleasure yourself. He reminds you how exciting it was to know nothing about why you feel so good, and finding what works best for you. Using his power, he takes you back to those memories, when you were horny and had no idea how to deal with your excitement. This file will leave you confused, horny, and with a deep need to explore, so be sure to have some free time after to figure things out.

Dominate Female Roo gets a Ball Boy
(Men Only, being straight helps but not mandatory) Meet a very dominant female athlete, just naturally oozing power and grace, making you instantly her very deep and close fan. She sees your focused eyes and starts to tease back, always telling you exactly what you need to do to make her happy. The more you talk, the more her power makes you feel more and more like a sissy, both mentally and physically. Your interactions get more intimate as the file goes on, even though your toys (and dick) will get smaller by her own hand. The ends with a nice shared shower, and her giving you a nice sissy outfit that matches your new sissy personality. Will leave you feeling small and submissive for a few hours after listening to the file. If you have ever wanted to be a strong woman's assistant, this if the file for you.

More sexually themed files since it has been what people requested, but always putting my own spin on things. Next up are some sharks, androids, snakes and bears, what might they teach you next? Have to wait and see.