Sunday, April 2, 2017

A change for your post April Fools

Hello once again. I always think I will get the next set of files out quickly, but then the months pass and I have to kick myself to get them done. Still I always have fun writing them, and hope you enjoy as well. Two files this time are actually recreations of stories that I wrote for friends. I am not sure I will do that again in the future, but was fun to try. Also one file has pictures that go along with it, and it really made writing for it fun!

Muscle Theft at the Protein Factory (Dropbox)
This file is for big guys that need a good downgrade. I know that is a narrow audiance, but some guys just love being taken down a peg, made to feel like the whimps they are constantly teasing. Maybe give it a try if you want to feel like you are hot shit, but have karma bite you in the ass right away. Also a unique trigger of having to drink 10 protien shakes before it wears off. Tread lightly, or you might get cursed.

Full Milk Massage (Dropbox)
Another muscle themed file, but this one is centered all around the pecs. If you ever wanted to have the shelf of a god, resting cans on it, or just wanted nipples you can really tug, give this one a try. You assume the role of a muscle guy, that slowly becomes a thicker piece of meat, through a special massage. If you are already huge, let me know if this gets you bigger, or is just a fun way to play with your pecs. Last as long as you keep playing with yourself so enjoy it.

Dom Wolf to Subby Fox (Dropbox)
Another path on my wolf swap series, though from a different angle this time. Once again, gay guys only~ Also it stars the fox from my files, but you don't have to have met him before to enjoy this file. Your wolf is curious of a fox's subby life style, and decides to give it a try, maybe he gets in over his head, or its exactly what he wanted. If you were ever unsure if you were dom or sub, this file will push you to the very deepest depths of Sub for you to enjoy, and stay in long after listening.

Size Collar Downgrade (Dropbox)
A more friendly version of the Muscle Shrink file. This time it is controlled by a collar that you can physically wear, which will compress you to a much smaller size. It will make you incredably submissive to the person that placed the collar on you, and will last for a few hours after waring, depending on how long it was on your neck. It also has an additional effect of making you feel huge once you do grow back. Maybe give it a try before you head to the gym, and you will grow back into all your workouts, who wouldn't love that?

Elephant Pink Bubbly Shower (Dropbox)
A request for a friend's birthday, making a file of someone taking a magical shower that turns them into a big and beautiful elephant woman. If you love shower triggers, or just want to feel clean in a very unique way, give this one a try. Lasts only until you towel off, so enjoy the suds and see what bubbles up. This was also based on a small comic Can view the pictures here though it is NSFW and requires an account

Happy to hear your suggestions for the next set, but have a few good ideas already, lets see how long until I get them out there!

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