Saturday, December 29, 2012

Far too many files

Hey guys. After having my snowball microphone for a while, and no longer distracted by Jingle bells and whatnot, I have gone on a binge of file making! I have 4 new files, 2 of them remakes, and 2 re-imagining, though with the amazing new quality you will forget the previous versions.

Bear Door of Motivation 
In this remade file, you will find a door that will connect you to a bear that knows a secret of motivation. That secret is having someone watch over you that you truly respect. If you need to finish a project, or just want some comfort, feel free to try out this file
Fox Door of Transformation
In this remade file, you will find a door that will connect you to a fox that knows the secret to transformation. He will make himself into a fox like human, then he will do the very same to you. It is just the start however, as he reveals he can become anything he wants, and you can become anything you want. If you like foxes or transformation, feel free to try out this file.

Rabbit Door of Relaxation
In this re-imagined file, you will find a door that will connect you to a rabbit that tends to a very comfortable Hotel. He will share his secrets of relaxing, let you sleep there any time you need, even take you on a dream like flight. If you need help sleeping, dreaming, or just like Rabbits, check out this file.
Alpha Swap
This file is a re-imagining of my wolf swap file, to be more general so anyone can try it out now. In this file you will meet someone who is the very definition of Alpha, be it male or female, so think of them before you meet them. They will share the secret to being an alpha, then with some magic, will make you an Alpha just like them. If you ever wanted to feel more powerful, less powerful, or just feel good about protecting other people, feel free to try out this file.

Future Plans
I hope you enjoy these, and would love plenty of feed back. In the next few files, I plan to work on another swap focused file, a pokemon file, and a shrinking file, though I would love to hear your opinions as well!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

2 Hours Wasted

Hey guys, a little upset right now. So bad news good news.

Bad news: Just explained to someone for 2 hours about what hypnosis was, why it works, and some techniques people use, and he ended the conversation by saying "Yes, but is it real? I think I need to speak with someone who knows it better" It made me feel really insulted, I am not a mean person but I would have given him the middle finger had we been in person. At least it was just some stranger, guess its my own fault for speaking with random people I don't know, guess I just look for the best in people. And I will still be happy to explain it to anyone else, just please have an open mind about it.

And now for the good news since you read that paragraph of me just ranting
Good News: I got a SNOWBALL microphone, and the quality is amazing, files are going to sound 10x better then even my best ones. Really excited about file making, and unless the holiday shopping and family greetings get in the way, there should be some new ones soon!

Thanks all for reading and talk to you soon!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Terrible Customer Service

Hey guys, quick post which I might try to make it look better later
Terrible Customer service story....HERE WE GO:
On Wednesday I was informed that there was a sale on the PSN or play station network for a game I wanted, that was only 5$. I logged into my account and found my "virtual" wallet was empty because I had not bought anything on there recently. I could not just use my credit card directly, I had to put 5$ in my wallet from my card, then use that wallet to buy it. Thought that was annoying, but annoyance was only beginning.
Eventually I was able to log in to my account, verify my card details (because I had gotten a new one in the last few months) hit the add 5$ button and....."Warning, card error, please verify correct entered data"...I checked it...then checked again...then again...and again...It never took it.
I called customer service, big help they were, "Did you enter the exact address you are living at?"...No I entered one I saw in the news paper...So no help there, was not gonna be able to add funds with my card, and also they said I should call my bank if something was wrong with the card, which I doubted because I use that card every day, and use it for online things once every other week
I then thought to go to and order the fund in the form of a gift card, since that also is a way to get funds in the virtual wallet. I saw I could just get it online, so I filled out all the information, which I have used to buy games on their website before, double checked it was all correct, and sent the order. I then went to my bank, and saw the order on my card, which means it went through....
Then the next morning, I got an email saying it was canceled, but not why it was canceled, and I had to call in to find out. I had to wait on hold for 20 minutes, before I got to a person. Giving them my account number, my order number, and talking through it I card approval didn't work. Even though they sent the authorization and showed up on my card, they said something got hung up, and instantly canceled it...
So I call my bank and wait for another 20 minutes, confirm my address is correct, and ask if they have got any authorization requests. They say no, and that it should all be working now (even though they didn't do anything). So I say fine, and just try placing the order on the Gamestop side of things again...
Then 4 hours later I get another order canceled email. I call in again and wait even longer, to have someone to talk to. They keep saying, "did you enter everything correctly" which on my 4th try at all this is very hard to just say "yes" to. Eventually she says, "Oh you just tried again too soon" I said is 12 hours too soon? and she said yes, "You can only make an order ever 48 hours"...48 HOURS? So you messed up, and I can't try again for 48 hours? Did you not hear about the part where I WANT TO GIVE YOU MONEY AND YOU AREN'T TAKING IT?
Reminder, this is to buy a 5 dollar game from an online store, and I have jumped through 4 different hoops, and am back to where I started, so thanks customer service, thanks alot...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

3 New Files

During my last recording session I was able to make three files. They were all unscripted, and are using the doors template I mentioned in my previous posts. If you like the style, and have any ideas of your own, let me know.

In this file, you will meet a dragonness in her treasure trove. She will let you enjoy the site of her lovely form, and she will share some secrets of magic she knows. Then as a special treat, she will allow you to become a female dragonness just like her. If you are a lady, enjoy dragons, or both, feel free to try out this file! (This file was suggested by a close friend!)
Dragonness Here

In this file, you will meet a confident lion in his cabin. He will let you sit next to him as he tells you his secrets to being confident, to being humble, to grow as a person. He will show his power, yet will also be happy to take you on as a student. If you feel you need greater confidence, this is the file for you. (This file I had been thinking of, and a friend suggested one similar, so it is also based on a suggestion)
Lion Here

In this file, you will meet a playful otter in a gym pool. He will get you to join him in the pool, he will talk about all the different strokes, he will talk about how hard he works every day, and he will tell you how he expects you now to join him. He also will suggest you wear something tight to swim without resistance. If you want to get serious about swimming every day for exercise, this is the file for you. (This file was meant to build on the panther file, with someone pushing you to work out more then just introducing you. Also had a suggestion for it, which helped me put my thoughts together)
Otter Here

As you can see, all of these files were made off suggestions. Suggestions make me work harder, so if you have one, and want to see a new file soon, just let me know. See you all later!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wolf Swap

Hey guys, need to get a bit personal for a second. I have made a new file that explores some sensative topics. I will not be posting a link to it here as I normally do, because I want to talk to each and every person that wants to try it. I also am going to make the description a bit vague, because I want to keep this blog classy, and also to increase your curiosity even more so.

It is a file about...switching, switches, and being switched. To enjoy this file you have to like wolves for one, but mostly you have to be someone that can role with any scenario, no matter what is taken from you or given to you. It is also very sexual, so you have to be ready for a bit of excitement as well, more so then normally when listening to my files. Also sadly men only for this file, though if it sounds interesting to you ladies, I would love to make a version for you as well.

I recorded this file with a different thought process, which means a different tone of voice, more excitement behind it, so I would love to hear the opinions of people that try it. If you are interested, send me a message on yahoo or skype. Talk to you soon!

PS: In case you forgot
yahoo: dendwood
skype: Frost.endwood

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Door to Mew's Realm

Yay, new stuff and it hasn't even been 2 years since my last new files. I have worked out a template for meeting spirits/guardians/sources of magic. This file is a means of showing off that template, as the meeting of the guardian is brief and unscripted, but still is a good means to show the power of the template.

For Pokemon fans only: This file places a door in your mind, which leads you to a realm of trees and tall grass. In this realm you meet a pink creature known as a mew. This mew is the guardian of the simple realm, and you can talk with them about anything you desire related to Pokemon, you can get its help capturing your own Pokemon, they can even help you become your favorite Pokemon. This file is just the meeting of mew, the rest of what you do with them is up to you.

i This file is just the first in a long series of meetings I plan to do now that I have a strong scripted and recorded template laid out. Since I will be using it often, I would love to get your feedback on it. I would also love suggestions of guardians you want to meet, and realms you want to visit. I am always open to suggestions!



Sunday, June 3, 2012

New File Magic Mushrooms

During my last recording session I was able to make two files. This one had less of a script, but it is an idea I use very often with people I work with. I hope to be making random little files like this much more frequently.

This file takes you down the rabbit hole so to speak. It leads you to a tree that has magical mushrooms growing in its roots. No they won't make you see things, instead they will make you grow and shrinking, depending on which one you have. If you ever wanted to explore the big or small world, here is your chance!

This file helps you get the mushrooms, and make it clear you will have them any time you need. If anyone wants a file where you actually use the mushroom, let me know and I'll think up a fun story. I am always open to suggestions!



New File Panther Gym

Hey Guys. I know it has been a few years, but getting a job does that to you. Luckily I just moved a little while ago, and now have much more free/personal time to record with.

This file uses the a motivational Panther spirit to get people excited and motivated to work out, by meeting a large, show off type gym owner, in the form of a Panther. He welcomes you to the world of working out, and gives you a tour of his own place

This file contains the first meeting with the Panther, and repeat listens are suggested every time before you head to the gym. If you think I should do another file where you meet up with the panther to show off your progress, let me know!