Saturday, June 4, 2016

Try Something Silly

Hello once again. Hope everyone is getting to enjoy a summer break or at least some time off. I have a week's worth coming up soon, so thought I would celebrate with some new files. I like to work on holidays, I am weird. Speaking of weird, you will get some odd results of this set of files, all based off friends suggestions. The batch after this I might open up a special contest to, so they might be even more crazy. Hope you enjoy.

Young Cub Age Swap
Meeting the bear cub once more, he reminds you of his ability to control age. After agreeing to see what he wants, he swaps your age and his own, and engages in sexual activity with his greatly matured body. This scenario is pretty specific, but if you have been curious to be the young subby stud for an older bear that makes you his own, this might be for you. (Paired well with my previous file)

Spiral Acres - Chicken
You return to my lovely farm once more, and this time get a full tour of the chicken coup. After meeting the head hen, she shares the story of how she became a chicken such a long time ago. Before long you find yourself in that story as well, becoming a sneaky fox that falls for a trap, and becomes a chicken woman. Her story has a bigger effect on you than you might think, so come in ready to bwok, ready to lay some eggs, and ready to help the farm.

Witch's Hut - Rat Gas
First in what may be a series, a magic tent filled with trinkets and potions for you to explore, and an interesting witch's apprentice that acts as the guide and shop keep. For this first greeting, she gives you a potion to try, without saying what it does. After being a bit reluctant, you pour the green gassy liquid inside you, and through the clouds of green smoke, you find yourself turned into a cute chubby rat. The file plays it up as a surprise, so after giving it a listen, give it to a friend to try as well, just bring plenty of cheese!

Only three files this time, I think I can handle that load more quickly than four. I may post the link to the contest here, but if you are really interested in a suggestion, leave a comment or send me an email. Let me know how you enjoy these silly times!