Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New induction for 2014

Hey guys, just a quick post here. I did a re imagining of my induction that I have been promising, but hopefully it is just the first of a floodgate of new files that should be coming soon! Still, wanted to post this one soon as I finished it. See all you lovelies soon!

Frost Induction and Introduction 2014
In this file there is, a deepening trigger, an awakening trigger, and a suggestion trigger. That third one is the one that is both hardest to pin down, but also the most important to make clear. The suggestion trigger is called "I command..." and basically you have to do anything I suggest that follows those words. It is a good first thing to try, it show you my style, my voice, and helps me see how deeply you are able to take things. Try it out if we are talking one on one for plenty of fun.