Thursday, March 31, 2011

Computer Crash and Tips Reminder

Hey guys, I wanted to talk about my money woes, as well as get your opinions about some stuff.

Now I used to ask for Tips quite often, when I was getting ready to go to Japan. I felt I needed the extra money just so the trip was more relaxing, less worry, all those nice things. Many people I talked to where quite nice, all I had to do was ask for them to donate, even just the littlest things. When I came back from enjoying Japan, I stopped asking because I just felt like I didn't need it. I just wanted to be nice, even though I was still doing the same things that I was asking for tips with before.

The hypnosis I do is quite a unique gift, it is something I trained for by reading, going to class, and going through experiences to get to where I am today. This process is normally done to make a career, yet I have made it simply a hobby. Like any "Job" it could be expected to charge for it, but I am just happy to do it because I want more people to learn about it. I know it would turn those curious away if there was a huge fee up front for something that they can not physically hold and examine before they "buy".

So I just never think it would be a good idea to ask for money up front, and people would be unreliable if the fee came after the fact. I know some people are reliable, but just as many are unreliable as well. As an example, A client and I agreed on pricing based on the amount of time we worked, then I did a passionate hour session, then as I asked for payment the person said "I thought was just an example" and signed off.

Therefore Tips seemed like the best option, the people who would pay in the first place would certainly pay after the fact, and people would be able to measure in the own terms how much what I did was worth. Still, I feel a little uneasy, asking for tips always sounds like donations, and donations are nice, but is it really my right to ask for them? Should I believe that asking for a tip after me working should feel like charity? I know it is probably me just thinking too much, but I still would love to hear your support, your thoughts are always helpful.

Now back to the reason I have start to ask for tips once again. My computer broke, it actually broke a long time ago, back in September, but I had my laptop, and was able to live off of it. I did start saving up money for new computer parts, but other things came up, like Christmas, and other things, so my funds are still low. I always put it off, thinking other things were more important, but I finally put my foot down the other day, and started to look up how much things would cost. I was hoping it was around 500$, as I had 400$ saved up, but now I have come to find it is going to be 800$. That was a serious blow to me, and though I could still live off the laptop for a while, I really want to get this working soon. A new computer would even help me for file making, and the other hobbies I enjoy.

That is what made me choose to bring back the Tip jar, but this time have a longer description of why your generous donations are appreciated, where it is they go. I think I have talked long enough, but I hope it was all helpful, informative, and helped you choose if you will give me anything for the times we shared. Please don't think I won't keep talking if there isn't donations, but they just make life easier in general. Maybe I'll get lucky and get a job at Google soon, but till then, the Jar is open, and filling once again. See you later!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Transformation Spa

Hey there guys I just wanted to tell you about a hypnosis idea I have made, the story behind its creation, its current use, and even open it up to other peoples comments, suggestions, ideas anything.

So I always liked the idea of a transformation being like a vacation, you leave your normal body to enjoy another for a short time, then return to your normal body. This safety helps hypnosis seem more secure, you are doing a change with a clear start and end. It also is easier to get to work with someone in the short term, lean the immediate reactions to things, and what things work better, and what to avoid. Still, there could be even greater control, acceptance of experimentation, even a fun if silly reason all the changes are occurring with them.

I started off with the fantasy of a body swapping machine that was placed in a gym. It seemed like a simple enough idea, as the gym has many different bodies that people are curious to explore, as well as providing many different ways to explore the body in public and private. I explored this fantasy with friends, and of those that enjoy transformation they did seem to enjoy it, but I still wanted to expand more. Some problems did arise of course, such as were I, the hypnotist, fit in the whole fantasy. I wanted to be apart of it, but because I mention that it is their gym, it sometime seemed weird for me to suddenly be there. Some people thought that since not everyone was using the machine, they would be considered...weird in some way. It was a gym first, and a place to swap bodies second.

I did explore other things the device could do besides body swaps, but the more important thing seemed to be the scenario. It didn't seem as friendly as I desired, people still seemed a bit nervous to explore it. After some brainstorming, I came up with a fun idea, to make people interested in exploring, while making me a more important part of the scenario as well.

I came up with the idea that I worked at a special spa, that had the same motto as I do with hypnosis, "If you are going to take a break from work, why not take a break from your body as well?" I very much enjoyed the response I got from this, people I planted the suggestion in were always curious how my "work day" was going, who I had transformed, if I had transformed into anything new recently, and if they could visit. Then during sessions they could visit themselves, enjoy the atmosphere of everyone being curious in the body they had, as well as some fun and games here and there.

I have two people that visit this fantasy quite often, though I wish it could be more because as I said, I love sharing the experiences I create, I come up with 5 ideas a day, and it is nice to have a place to not only experiment, but also to have it accepted so easily, as the people expect something exciting to have happened the moment I bring up the spa.

Well, I think that is enough back story, onto what I have done with it a bit more specifically.

At first I kept it simple, as I still plan to do with people that are first getting into it. I ask them to find a picture online, then through a simple suggestion, I let them know that they found that picture in our "staff book" as in they are on staff as someone to swap with. After that, I ask if they want to imagine that person in the room swapping with them, so they will see their own body when they swap, though most people say no. Then they are taken to the room that has a "very comfortable chair" so comfortable the moment they sit down in it, their body "just decides to have a short nap" and when they open their eyes, they are in the new body. Depending on how well the person visualizes things, detail is then gone into how their body feels, what feels different, and what they want to explore.

Then dependent on the body they swapped with they are given the chance to walk around and enjoy the features of that body. If it is someone heavily muscled, there is the gym to explore. If it is a curvy lady, there is a beach/hot tub area to parade around the body's most enjoyable features. Some people have even enjoyed becoming younger, or chubbier, just to enjoy the different experiences. I would love to hear other peoples ideas for what could occur at the spa that you think people would be curious in exploring.

As I said earlier, I have expanded it past body swaps, it was just a place to start. I continued with the idea of the experiences being "swaps" but expanded to the idea of age swaps, gender swaps, but one of the more interesting ones was the idea of a role swap. Pretty much it works almost exactly like a body swap, but the bodies don't change. "Then what changes you may ask", well after you watch an attractive woman and man swap, you would suddenly be more interested in just being friends with the person of the gender you are normally attracted to, and interested in asking out the person of the gender you are normally just friends with. "What if I am bisexual" you may ask, which I would respond with "Shut-up smart Alec" :P Basically the people of the world treat them as instead the person they swapped with, helpful for people who wanted to be treated differently, without changing.

I have so many other stories I could share, relating to race swaps, knowledge swaps, Pokemon swaps, and themes of the day applied to anyone who visits such as a random fetish everyone shares. I would love to share stories at any request, though I know it is hard for you to make a request out of something in my memory. I'll still do the best I can to answer and question, and give my personal opinion about any ideas you have. Well I'll open it to discussion now, and I will be excited to hear anything you have to share. See you all around.