Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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So I am having a conversation with a friend I only see every few days online, I have had a really crappy day and he was just about to cheer me up and about to study more for a big final, and bam the power goes out. I would have remember that the power was going to go out, got a thing in the mail, but I forgot. So I am sure everyone is panicing about me, and I think of what to do. My laptop is busted and cannot run without power, and who knows if there is still internet here. I suddenly get the brilliant idea to go out to a starbucks for free wifi, so I get all my stuff together, feel super ready, even have a flashlight and head to my car. The door on my car is still busted but that is another story. I put starbucks into my tom tom and head out. Then after driving a short distance, I find that my tom tom has put me into the middle of no where, so I try and find another, and get stuck at a light that doesn't seem to notice I am there. I scream. I get there and....another middle of no where, after getting on the freeway cause I got so lost, I finally found one...and relized they were way past closed. So now I just want to head home, and relize I am almost out of gas, so I head to a gas station, the lights are off but the machines are on, I got up to one, it says insert card, I put it in, AND THEN is when it decides to say out of order. So I head to another gas station, it works, but the pump is buster and gos 10x as slow as it normally does. I finally make it home, the power is still out. I try using my sister's laptop, but it is a mac, and I have no idea how to turn it on, or if the internet even works. I finally relize I could use my phone, I sign on, and get like 10 messages, probably going to run up my bill like crazy, and just as I start to explain things, the power goes back on, so it was all a waste, the friend is gone, and I drove around for nothing, and probably really messed up my cell phone bill. I need to remind you, all this bad shit happened IN A SINGLE HOUR
EDIT:While trying to make myself feel better I spilled warm, luckily not boiling, water on my hand that I was going to use for a cup of soup.