Monday, October 11, 2010

Solution to Failed Trance

Although the problem of not being good at trancing is a common issue, there recently have been many posts about it, so I want to give my two cents about problems, misconceptions, and what possible solutions are. These are opinions, based on my experience and training, but remember everyone is wired differently, and can think of more important reasons, or even better solutions.

1. You have to believe in hypnosis
So many people complain that a trance should work because they believe in hypnosis, and that is all that is required.
This is not true, saying you believe in hypnosis is just one of the steps to opening yourself up to a receptive state where hypnosis works. Many other things could still be preventing you, as will be seen in the next parts.

2. The voice seems to relax me
Due to the nature of hypnosis, a relaxing voice seems to be the best thing to have in a file or as a hypnotist, but this is not quite true. The best voice for hypnosis needs to do 2 things, 1 relax you of course, 2 keep your attention, so that even if you are drowsy, you will still listen. I will expand on this in part 6.

3. I want only some of this file to work, so I'll listen to it, and my mind will block out what I don't want
Trust. Trust is a huge part of hypnosis, you have to trust the voice you are listening to, so that even your unconscious will listen to it, as you begin to fade into unconsciousness. If anything breaks that trust, or even distracts you for a moment, your unconscious will either wake you up, or stop listening and just go to sleep. With enough time, and talking with a hypnotist, that trust can be formed for people that have a harder time trusting others. For many people, the scary thought of a file or hypnotist having alternate motives for putting them in trance breaks any trust they could have for the first several listens, or first sessions, even if they consciously say it is safe.

4.I fell asleep during the file, and woke up with no memory of the words said, was I tranced?
Most likely.....No. I know what you are saying, "Many success stories involve the person having amnesia of events that occurred while in trance", but those are the people that have great success with hypnosis all the time, and are going under for the relaxation, not because they expect some result or want to try something. If someone was trancing you into becoming or doing something you wanted so bad, you would most likely remember at least the most important points, because they have to have gone so deep for the trance to have really worked.

5. I really want this, shouldn't that make it easier?
Yes, and no. It is good to focus your mind on a goal, desire can fuel the fire to keep you motivated, but too many people turn the focus too obsession, and look constantly for new ways to get things instantly working. The best way to use focus, is to meditate (yes I know this is some deeper level stuff then hypnosis, but I still think it is effective), and look up ways to speak with your unconscious mind. You need to make sure you know what he/she wants, that he/she knows what you want, what you think the best way to get it is, and what they think the best way is. If it is something you want deeply enough, these conversations with your unconscious will go more smoothly, and you will come out with the best plan possible, based on both fact and desire.

6.What makes one induction better then another?
This is an important point. The thing that makes a file good for you, actually comes down to what you think of it. A file that is going to put you into trance needs to have a calm voice, with no interruptions or random sounds, maybe with some background noise, that will get you to that relaxed place, much like listening to a professor go on and on in a lecture (like I am sure many of us have been in). However, unlike a boring lecture, a hypnosis file needs to KEEP YOUR ATTENTION. I know that sounds confusing, "how you can be both relaxed and attentive?", so let me give an example:

You are sleeping soundly in your bed, it is the middle of the night, and you plan to keep sleeping for many more hours. Suddenly there is a very faint sound, your cell phone going off, inside of your bag, or on your shelf. It is so soft it would not wake up your neighbors, but to you, you are suddenly wide awake, and rushing to get the phone. What happened? Why did you awake but no one else did?

People are trained to wake up when something important to them makes a sound they are familiar with. Be it their cell phone ring, a baby cry, a fire alarm (Though those things can be really loud). Their unconscious minds are still listening, even though their conscious minds are fast asleep. Hypnosis uses the same method.

A hypnotist voice needs to be something the person is familiar with, something they view as important, that way even if they are dozing off, their unconscious is still listening to the words, allowing themselves to be guided along, and instead of being given the command to simply wake up, the hypnotist can guide them to doing, so many different things.

This is the end of my thoughts for now, but feel free to comment to add more, to argue points, or even post success you have had since taking the time to read this *wink*.