Sunday, May 17, 2015

A series of requests

Hey guys, another few months between files, but now I have a nice large set I have been working on for a while. All of these files were suggestions from friends, so some themes I am not used to, but good to give them a short. If you have been curious to try something different, gives these a chance!

Shark's Hostile Takeover on the lake
Look for a shark at the lake, and end up becoming the very thing you look for. Has a theme of becoming more hungry, both physically and emotionally, taking on challenges and consuming them with your sharp pointed teeth. If you like swimming or just want to attack life's challenges, give it a try.

Lion and Monkey hot showoff photo shoot
Meet the confidence giving lion from before, and learn of a special type of confidence that comes from a simple need to show off. Wanting to be the biggest in the room, loving to have eyes on you, and too simple to think about what it means. You are not dumbing down, you are just ignoring anything aside from your own body, only satisfied when on full display in a speedo or latex. For those that want more confidence in their body, this is for you.

Elder Bear Age Swap
Meeting the older bear once more, he reminds you of his ability to control age. After agreeing to see what he wants, he swaps your age and his own, and engages in sexual activity with his greatly youthened body. This scenario is pretty specific, but if you have been curious to be the older bear for a young stud, this might be for you.

Android Latex Upgrade
Change Log: If you have enjoyed being an android and want an upgrade to your systems, or you have just been wanting to be Latex bot, this file will provide you with the resources you need. Think of your favorite color, get comfortable in a breathing mask, and let this file melt away your worries as you soak in the new changes. Robot lovers, and Squeak lovers, get ready for the ultimate change.

Rooster intro to BDSM
I do not know much about bdsm, and feel many people might be in the same boat. This is my best idea for getting to why people enjoy it, and introducing people to the concept. I am curious to have people try it, both newcomers willing to give it a go, and people already into bdsm to say if they think it is a good into. If you are curious to get dommed in the lightest means possible, the Rooster is here to strap you into a chair, and tickle you without restraint with one of his personal feathers.

Become the Snakes Dinner
After my snake file, some people said they thought for sure the snake was going to eat them, and this is the response. If you have every wanted to slide right into someone's mouth, knowing you would be safe, this file allows you to do it. Sharing a most delicious dinner, the snake invites you to his belly, and you simply cannot resist going inside. There is no gore in the file, it is very cartoony, but by the end, you are curled up inside the snake, a ball of food in his stomach. Will you dine with him tonight?

Might take a break from file recording as I have to move house yet again, but if you want to give experiences or feedback from files, will be happy to listen!