Sunday, January 23, 2011

Busy Sunday

Busy Sunday I thought I would share with you all

9:00am-Wake up, Bacon, view professionals play golf

10:15am-Drive to mothers, set up her printer, discover suit she got sized is missing the pants.

12:00noon-Drive to mall, She yells out the guy for losing the pants(he deserved it, but still reminder of times I have been in trouble), go shoe shopping, get two pairs, go tie shopping and get 3 ties.

1:00pm-Hour and a half drive gets longer because of dead stop traffic, said the ramp after mine was closed, but when I got there last sign before it said my ramp was also closed so had to take detour.

3:00pm-Went to Wienerschnitzel(had to google that to spell it right), but decided to head home before I ate, no parking so hard to park illegally to unload, only had time to eat one thing before heading to tutoring.

4:00pm-Tutoring the guy, was a fun subject but I was kind tired, his internet wasn't working, and he kept messing up the most basic stuff, so had to go slow, and not fall asleep.

5:30pm-Finally eat, but soon as I start last piece of the meal, get a phone call from someone else, asking if I am free to tutor NOW, so I finish eating and drive out again

7:30pm-Head to the ATM to deposit check, and some Christmas money that was sitting around, then go to store to turn in stamps to get special pots and pans for 80% off. Drive home and unload all that.

8:30pm-Move car to way too far away parking load and walk home, then talk to friends online, and hope no one has a panic attack. Also check all the internet stuff I missed during the day.

All that in 12 hours. Would have been perfect, if there wasn't one more thing I wanted to get done, but I'll just do it tomorrow. See you all later!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Once again someone leaving me in anger is the reason I write a blog post, but oh well at least it gets me writing.

This time it is about the name I use online, as many of you is Frost Endwood. I will admit upfront that this is not my real name, but it is the name I hear more often then my real name. No I don't hate my real name or wish to have it changed, I just like the name Frost, it has spiritual connections, and also keeps my internet life and real life separate, like the way I want it.

That doesn't mean you can't ever learn my real name, I probably have accidentally put it on some profile, or have linked to a photo that has it, I don't really care, but when it comes to me personally telling you my name, that is something more special. I see giving away my name as an achievement, a trophy for the person to enjoy knowing they got to know me well enough to receive my name. I am letting them into my real life, showing them that they are that important to me, and I wish to know even more about them.

Saying that me hiding my real name makes me a sketchy character is highly insulting to that special respect I give only certain people, it is like insulting all of my friends at once. The insult isn't even coming from someone I respect, but it is still sad to lose another potential friend

So please don't think about the whole name thing as me hiding some sort of dark secret, think of it as me holding a present you will get when you deserve it, which you may not even find all that important anyway, but at least to me, it is something important.

Thanks for reading my rants, and see you all later!