Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life+Car Update

Hey everyone, this is a very quick update to let you all know how things are, and a thanks for all the well wishes everyone gave.

I managed to get the car fixed 2 days after the incident, so I have nice shiny new windows. I had to pay for them, but didn't hurt my wallet too bad.

The police were not helpful, saying there was nothing they could do, which is a disappointment. I know everyone has bad police stories, so lets just hope this is the worst one I ever have.

The insurance on the other hand was very helpful. I think I gave a moderate estimate for my things (maybe could have asked for more) but they did not argue it in the least and got the money within a week.

I am not planning on buying a new laptop for a while, as my iphone does almost all I need. I just need some sort of USB keyboard for it and I will be set.

I am planning on getting a new 3ds soon as the next game comes out that I want for it. I will eventually re-buy the games I lost for my collection as well, though it sucks to have lost the hours on the games.

The work phone has been replaced. I'll keep this one closer then the last, but still, things happen.

Sad I lost the other sentimental stuff, but I have moved on to bigger and brighter things. Like having a lovely new lady in my life I'll tell you all about soon.

See you later!