Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Four new files released in the wild!

Four new files a long time coming. Usually after I script a file the recording goes fast, but these I had written out for a while, but due to poor motivation, loud kids near my place, and being sick twice delayed the development. But now, they are done, and exclusive to my blog for a week. I hope you enjoy!
Fox Door Third Visit
In another sequel file to the door fox file, you meet the fox to become something specific. You become a very large and lovely woman, with curves to spare. If you have ever been curious to feel like a vixen, or been curious to be large with endless curves, give this file a try. This was a request by a friend!
Snake Door of Trust
In this new file, you meet the Snake Guardian of Trust. He lets you into his hidden tree house, and lets you share his company, and quickly grow a deep trust with him. You also share a warm and scaled embrace, that feels very wonderful. IF you have been a fan of snakes, want to get over a fear of them, or just want someone to feel a trusting connection with, try this file. This file was requested by people who enjoy Kaa from the jungle book, so fans of that should enjoy as well
Dragon Door of Donation
In this new file, you meet the Dragon Guardian of Donation. I wanted to create a file that gave people the incentive to tip me for all the files I made, but with my own spin as always. The dragon teaches the value of giving what you can, and showing you will always give it back. If you are interested in a life lesson, or want to try being more generous, please try this file. There is a strong suggestion to pay me for all the hard work I have done, but you will only follow it of course if you feel I deserve it. Thanks for all your listening, and I hope you enjoy.
Panther Door Third Visit
In another sequel file to the panther door file, you meet the panther for a specific workout. He takes you through a long set of exercises that focus on the glut muscles, the rear, the butt. He teaches you how you will make it strong, make it big, make it look good. There also is some playful butt staring and grabbing, but nothing too excessive. If you want another strong workout, give this a try. A request from a few friends to do more with the panther, and to work their butts hard!

Next ones involve a hypnotic farm, a robot transformation, a remake of my main induction I keep promising, or anything else you might suggest!