Saturday, December 29, 2012

Far too many files

Hey guys. After having my snowball microphone for a while, and no longer distracted by Jingle bells and whatnot, I have gone on a binge of file making! I have 4 new files, 2 of them remakes, and 2 re-imagining, though with the amazing new quality you will forget the previous versions.

Bear Door of Motivation 
In this remade file, you will find a door that will connect you to a bear that knows a secret of motivation. That secret is having someone watch over you that you truly respect. If you need to finish a project, or just want some comfort, feel free to try out this file
Fox Door of Transformation
In this remade file, you will find a door that will connect you to a fox that knows the secret to transformation. He will make himself into a fox like human, then he will do the very same to you. It is just the start however, as he reveals he can become anything he wants, and you can become anything you want. If you like foxes or transformation, feel free to try out this file.

Rabbit Door of Relaxation
In this re-imagined file, you will find a door that will connect you to a rabbit that tends to a very comfortable Hotel. He will share his secrets of relaxing, let you sleep there any time you need, even take you on a dream like flight. If you need help sleeping, dreaming, or just like Rabbits, check out this file.
Alpha Swap
This file is a re-imagining of my wolf swap file, to be more general so anyone can try it out now. In this file you will meet someone who is the very definition of Alpha, be it male or female, so think of them before you meet them. They will share the secret to being an alpha, then with some magic, will make you an Alpha just like them. If you ever wanted to feel more powerful, less powerful, or just feel good about protecting other people, feel free to try out this file.

Future Plans
I hope you enjoy these, and would love plenty of feed back. In the next few files, I plan to work on another swap focused file, a pokemon file, and a shrinking file, though I would love to hear your opinions as well!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

2 Hours Wasted

Hey guys, a little upset right now. So bad news good news.

Bad news: Just explained to someone for 2 hours about what hypnosis was, why it works, and some techniques people use, and he ended the conversation by saying "Yes, but is it real? I think I need to speak with someone who knows it better" It made me feel really insulted, I am not a mean person but I would have given him the middle finger had we been in person. At least it was just some stranger, guess its my own fault for speaking with random people I don't know, guess I just look for the best in people. And I will still be happy to explain it to anyone else, just please have an open mind about it.

And now for the good news since you read that paragraph of me just ranting
Good News: I got a SNOWBALL microphone, and the quality is amazing, files are going to sound 10x better then even my best ones. Really excited about file making, and unless the holiday shopping and family greetings get in the way, there should be some new ones soon!

Thanks all for reading and talk to you soon!