Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dream for 3/21/10

Dream happened between 10am-2pm, 4hours of 3/21/10

First thing I can remember, is a man was half turned into a dragon, but not a normal dragon, more like a fur dragon, meaning a much smaller, cuter one. I am not sure if it was my fault or his, but that didn't seem important (I want to blame some kind of potion or something). I also felt like, I personally could turn into a dragon at any time, I had the experience, so I needed to help this person really badly. The more we talked, the worse it got, just cause the change was happening slowly not cause of the words, but the more trust we gained, the calmer he seemed. He did completely become a fur dragon, and could not talk, but he could still understand me. I don't remember how I saved him, but soon he was back to a rather older, more mature/masculine older man.
NOTE:I think this is my uncosncious telling me no matter what changes happen, I'll always be there on the inside
So the man was very happy to be normal again, but suddenly he spoke of me like he knew me so well, like we had been friends, more then that for a while, but I had no memory of any of that. He told me how we stayed up most nights in bed, talking about how I would be a dragon shaman, and my studies were ocming along, but it all seemed a blur. I thought maybe I had bitten him, kinda like a vampire, made him my dragon spawn, but I really had no clue. I hugged him, knowing I could trust him, and he was probably right, and went off to confront my mother.
NOTE:This could be my unconscious telling me how we chat all the time, and I just don't realize it, but it also did feel like I forgot something really important (in the dream)
So I confronted my mother, (just dream one, not real one), and she was playing it off like I was just being a tad forgetful, but I got really upset, saying it was a spell, or curse, I wouldn't forget something that important, I wouldn't forget someone as important and awesome I am suppose to have known for a while. She suggested, or I demanded, we spend the day going out, and we left, and my sister (younger sister, rl one is older) joined us which I didn't seem to mind, but two cousins where following us, just to make sure we were "safe". So as we were walking along, through some kind of parking lot, I finally asked his name, he said it was "Pickles", or at least that was his nickname.
NOTE:In my hypnosis sessions, Pickle is a safety word, leading me again to believe this story is to show I will always be safe deep down
So we went through the parking lot, my sister and I jumping really high, almost flying, but trying not to make too much attention cause we were getting close to people. I was talking with pickles while I suddenly snapped out of my forgetful trance, truly "woke up my memories", and I told him it was probably him Transforming into the fur dragon. Transformations always wake me up to what is going on :P. He laughed a bit, and we ended up at a hot dog place, probably cause I was hungry irl and the real life hunger then woke me up.

I have been a dragon in a few dreams before, as well as many other things, and sometimes had a partner, or someone to talk to , but not always, still is really awesome, and happy to share it. Would love some comments on what you think of it all

Friday, March 12, 2010


ALL LINKS NO LONGER WORK, LOOK FOR A NEW POST SOON I realized you might want to see some of my older files as well, so I will list them all and some details:

DeepTranceNow + Test

My first file, my old induction, I used to give this out, but now I really do not like it anymore, I would not recommend listening to it, but I thought I would put it up here. This file as a trigger to go deep, a test trigger that makes you itch, and an awakener

Frost's Induction

My current best induction I have shared with many people, though I might be making a new one soon, and I will update you if I do! This file has a deepening trigger, a commanding trigger that allows me to test how easilly people can follow along with my guidance, and an awakening trigger.

Frost's Induction NO AWAKEN

Just what it sounds like, I made this for people so they can listen to it on loop if they so desire

Spirit Bond Part1

A file that helps you make a mental companion from your unconscious mind. I used a script I found online, but modified it in many ways to fit my style. There has never been a request for the second part, since most get what they need from this, but I might do it some day.


The first file I had made in a while, turns anyone into a strong confident female, using a magical flower that grows in their unconscious mind. It is Triggerable, all you have to do is imagine spelling the flower to make it happen, and put the scent back in the flower to return to normal.

Lunar Rabbit

The first in a series of files I plan to make about meeting elemental animals. This Lunar Rabbit helps people have stronger dreams, remember them more clearly, take control of them in time, and even astral project if they so desire. It puts a door in your mind, linking you to where the Rabbit lives, so you can visit and get more help any time, just by closing your eyes and imagining it.

Little Star

Not so much a file, but thought I would put it here anyway. Me singing twinkle twinkle little star, I made it for a friend that was having trouble sleeping. If you really like my voice, feel free to use it to help you sleep as well :D

That is all for now, but I have plans for more, and will share them in the future!