Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Car broken into and bag stolen in Vegas :(

Hey Guys and Gals, some not so great news this time...

This memorial day weekend, 2013, after a short lunch in downtown Las Vegas, I returned to my car to find the driver rear window had been broken in, and my messenger bag was gone. Many of my valuables were in there, which I will list below. I have filed a police report, and plan on seeing if my renters insurance covers theft away from home, but things aren't looking great. I placed a link to the tip jar again below, for any help you can give, though also any stories you have dealing with theft and insurance would help as well. I have to pay for the new window, but maybe something else will be covered, fingers crossed. Full story below

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Full Story:
At 12:20pm May 27, We arrived at the car after checking out of our hotel in vegas. I put all our luggage in the trunk, except my computer bag, thinking we would need the entertaining things in it for the long drive home, so I put it on the back seat. Games, laptop, and other things. However, we also had the idea to go downtown to show some people in the group what it looked like, and also get a meal before heading out on the road.

At 12:35 we arrived in a parking lot called "Douglas Parking", no attendant, just pay 5 dollars in a slot and you will be fine. I should have gone into a covered parking lot, but I was very hungry, and it seemed convenient with how close it put us to Downtown.

From 12:35-2:15 we had lunch (it took a while because there was a long line to get in and service was slow), we said goodbye to some of the people in the group, and the two of us headed back to the car. Upon arriving I noticed right away that the window was broken in. For a minute I thought it had just been the heat or accident, as everything seemed to still be in the car (ipod in front near radio and such) but then I remembered my bag in the back seat, that it was no longer there (and you can see the outline of it in the glass)

I called 911, who connected me to local police, who I made an initial report with. They said they would do their best, but because of the holiday, it wouldn't be a day or two until they started to investigate the call, probably far too later (but fingers are crossed) I need to get the serial number for my laptop and other things in it, so if they do find it they can Identify it to me.

Next I called AAA, to see if I could make a claim, but my insurance was very limited and did not cover theft, so no help there at all, maybe a discount when I get a repair.

After calling my parents, last I called the parking company, I knew they weren't responsible for the items lost, but I hoped maybe that would say if they had cameras, or the possibility they would help pay for the broken window. However, I was sent directly to voicemail, they clearly took the day off as well, and I doubt I will hear back.

Last came a suggestion to check my renter's insurance, though I didn't have a copy of any information at the time. Most cover theft even if not in the home, so I might be covered in that way as well. Fingers crossed there as well as I research more.

I had to drive home with the broken window which sucked but was bearable because I had a friend to chat with, or scream with as the wind blew loudly. I am gathering the list of all the things lost, thinking of the sentimental value as well. Hoping to get my window fixed this Wednesday, and start to rebuild. Thanks for reading, and anything you can share.

Things in bag:
Work Iphone 5 (password protected) (Need Serial)
3DS system with unique cover (Need Serial)
Charging station and plug cord
5 games
-Luigi's Mansion:Dark Moon (Box contains all 5 games)
-Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
-Paper mario: Sticker Star
-Mario Kart 5
-Final Fanatasy Theatorythm
Laptop (Need Serial)
-Old photos and videos saved on hard drive (most important ones added to facebook)
-Old college projects and programs I worked on
-Power cord and Wired Mouse*
 *Mouse was from Japan trip I bought in an emergency
-Surge protector shaped like a person
-2 Ethernet cables for emergency
-2 Ipod to usb connectors
-VGA cable cord
-Old backup headphones
-Phone charger with USB plug
Sentimental things
-Pens, Pencils, Paper Notebook, Paper Holder and Eraser I got as a gift from Japan
-Last 2 tickets to Living Desert I might have used next month
-Old Copy of resume
-Ticket Stubs from all the shows we saw in vegas
-Emergency work toothbrush
-Training manual from work that I had many notes from other things on as well
-Hypnosis training booklet given to me from my certification instructor (I have some copies already, and maybe can get a full copy from him again)
-Tiny cell phone trinket of "Eddie Riggs" I got from Tim Schafer himself on the zipper
And lastly, the bag itself which I have had since starting college

Tasks to complete:
[]Cancel Credit card
[]Change all internet passwords (including bookmark password)
[]Call Nintendo to make sure 3ds isn't connected to my account anymore
[]Cancel work phone (Possibly use it to find it)
?[]Maybe call parking place again
[]Find a glass repair shop and take car in on Wednesday
[]Call renters insurance
[]Find serials and assign a dollar value to all things lost
[]Finish police report (They call me)
?[]Buy lost items (Might not need a new laptop or 3ds just yet, and will work with work about phone)
[]Buy new phone charger, surge protector, either net cords
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