Monday, November 14, 2016

End 2016 with something fun

Hey all, some new files just before the holiday season, and quite a big load. These some of these come from the contest I held a few months back, while a few others come directly from me. No real theme to these ones, except plenty of transformations. I also give some friends early copies of a few of these, so you might have already enjoyed some, but plenty of new ones as well. Enjoy if you want to try something new! Also trying to provide backup links through dropbox, since some people have said Media Fire Gives them troubles. At some point will update the master list as well.

Wolf Pack Betas (Dropbox)
Wolf Pack Omegas (Dropbox)
More sequels to my wolf swap files, since they continue to be the most popular ones. The difference is this time you meet and affect an entire pack with your swap play. "Betas" makes you tiny around huge men, "Omegas" makes you huge around tiny twinks. If you are looking for even more men to serve, or maybe to order around, feel free to give this a shot, and keep the howl going

Piggy Head Chef (Dropbox)
In this file you meet a Head Chef Pig that helps you find the passion of cooking, the skills that are required, the patience you will find in making things just right. He will also feed you and get you a bit similar to his chubby form, so if you love food or just want to break your belts, give this a try. Have had people say it felt like a cooking ASMR, so if you feel relaxed in the kitchen, it can be used for that as well, enjoy any way you like.

Tiger Shark Sneak (Dropbox)
In this file you meet the silly Tiger and test out his latest invention, a perfect disguise that will make anyone an attractive woman in a shark themed bikini. The disguise is only visible by others, so don't expect a detailed change, just getting to enjoy the benefits of others seeing you as a sexy woman. You then are made to spa on a nearby spa, filled with lovely women as well. Will you find what he is looking for? Or will you just head there for the sites and free massage? Listen and find out

Peaceful Dragon Mouse (Dropbox)
This file is based on some art I received, a silly sequence where a dragon is turned into a bunch of animals, then turned into a mouse. I made a challenge of myself to see what file I could make of it. The theme ended up becoming about relaxation, becoming small pushes away big problems, and lets you enjoy the little things. This one is only recommended for people who want to get experimental, like transformations, or think female dragons are really fun.

Witch's Hut - Dragon Spike Assistant (Dropbox)
The Witch's Apprentice comes back and this time she needs some help around her place. You agree and become a powerful dragon, though one who's power is control by the witch's needs. Slightly based on a certain assistant named spike, try it if you always enjoyed feeling helpful, feeling scales, or just want to enjoy some time with a sexy witch.

Butt Growth (Dropbox)
Similar to my bust growth file, I wanted to make another one focused purely on making the body big and beautiful. Come on a journey were we pile on the reasons your ass is going to be huge, one after another. Things will get silly, but you will leave tingling, walking in all new ways, and able to bounce with the best of them. Men and women can both enjoy, who does love a thick set of cheeks.

Macro Croc Visit (Dropbox)
This one is for all my lovers of Big. Taking a step past guardians, in this file you meet a giant crocodile themed Diety, one who can change his size (and others) at will. He mostly likes being large and in charge, but if you accept the offer to hang out, who knows what sizes you might end up at. This file is very intimidating, with very adult themes, just tried pushing myself and seeing how pushy I could be. Some implied golden shower play, without the gold stuff, but as usual I always keep things light and fun. If you just wanted someone bigger looming over you, give this one a try.

Bunny Desire Room - Women with Curves (Dropbox)
Another possible new series. What would you do if you had the white room from the matrix, where you could make anything you wanted happen? Well in this case its all about the sexy ladies. Have fun turning friends into women who have thickness in all the right places, and largeness in all the others. Just enjoy your naughty fantasizes, with someone you trust to explore them with, and learn how you can go even further with them in the future, in dreams and daydreams. If you really like this idea, let me know and I will make more!

This was a really big series, but I am glad I got through it. Still more planned like always, some even scripted out already, but might take a break before that. As always if you have ideas, please let me know and see you all around!

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