Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 Files

Welcome to 2015 Everyone. Have a large set of files planned, and might even start allowing some commissions soon. For now, here is what I have, some more sexually charged files, made for some specific people, but I hope you all enjoy.

Dino and Horse in "Be Aggressive"
This file has two guardians from the past. The Horse of pride that was in both the horse workout file, and the spiral acres as well. He has strong pride for his body, and the lifting he achieves as he goes to the gym every day (except rest day). Along with him is the Jock Dino from the workout file that helps you get in the gym mentality, this time helping you crave for more and more. It helps to have listened to those files, but knowing their names, motivations, and imagining their forms can be all you need to listen to the file. The two fight over who gets to train you, and their deep passion and aggression pours into you and your workouts. It also comes with a trigger to instantly put you into a lifting mindset with the words "Be Aggressive". This file is for those that was to get very serious about lifting, and growing to bodybuilder size. If you think you can handle it, give it a listen.

Elephant Trickster Best Feature Show
A strong armed and heavy breath elephant uses his magic as a guardian to inflate your best physical feature. If you have every wanted to see your muscles, your breasts, your butt, or your feet grow to massive size, this will let you see what it is like. However, just as easily as things can inflate, they might deflate as well, so hope you can learn to live without that best feature as well. If you get him too mad, he might just turn your entire body into a big balloon, and keep you that way. Dare you see his show, and offer all you have to him? Listen to the file and find out.

Big Bovine Bust on the Beach
Do you like breasts, but have always felt to nervous to show your appreciation, not been sure when you have the freedom to look, or wanted to make your love for breasts even deeper? A massive lady in a cow-print bikini will take you under her wing (or under her massive cleavage) and just let you take a day off at the beach filled with stacked beauty. The bovine will dwarf your form, being so tall, though maybe feeling smaller with a bit of magic as well. She will also introduce you to her friend, the more the merrier of course. If you ever wanted some big snuggles on the beach with some big bikini women, this file is for you.

Chesire Cat causes Sexual Confusion and Curiosity
Never trust a smile that is too wide. A Cheshire cat type boy takes you into his soft bedroom and invites you for a nice snuggle. After having a shared conversation of sexual arousal, he calls upon the memories you created when you first discovered how to pleasure yourself. He reminds you how exciting it was to know nothing about why you feel so good, and finding what works best for you. Using his power, he takes you back to those memories, when you were horny and had no idea how to deal with your excitement. This file will leave you confused, horny, and with a deep need to explore, so be sure to have some free time after to figure things out.

Dominate Female Roo gets a Ball Boy
(Men Only, being straight helps but not mandatory) Meet a very dominant female athlete, just naturally oozing power and grace, making you instantly her very deep and close fan. She sees your focused eyes and starts to tease back, always telling you exactly what you need to do to make her happy. The more you talk, the more her power makes you feel more and more like a sissy, both mentally and physically. Your interactions get more intimate as the file goes on, even though your toys (and dick) will get smaller by her own hand. The ends with a nice shared shower, and her giving you a nice sissy outfit that matches your new sissy personality. Will leave you feeling small and submissive for a few hours after listening to the file. If you have ever wanted to be a strong woman's assistant, this if the file for you.

More sexually themed files since it has been what people requested, but always putting my own spin on things. Next up are some sharks, androids, snakes and bears, what might they teach you next? Have to wait and see.

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