Monday, April 14, 2014

Mini update

Hey guys, here is a mini update with a few files I am working on. I will turn this post into a full post (and update the master list of files) when I finish this set, but I thought I would post what I have already, for people curious to get to it!

Owl's Guestbook
Sequel to the Rabbit file, you return to the hotel, meeting an owl that helps you remember and write down your dreams (through a bit of friendly intimidation). For those people who want to learn more about their dreams, and start a dream journal!

Rat of the motionless toys
Meet a quirky toy maker, that asks you about your favorite type of toy, be it a doll or plush toy...then turns you into it! This is for people into doll play, or just being immobile, but with a friendly style that most of my files are like, enjoy.

Monkey of Photo Mimicry
Meet a photographer, who can transform into any photo he holds. A bit similar to the fox file, but this one is about becoming other people, instead of becoming other animals. If you have been curious of human transformation, or always wanted to try out a new body, give this one a try.

Dino Jock of Training
Another gym motivation file, but this one a little different. This one is about exploring the jock ideal, a simple mind and a strong motivation. Meeting a big dino that clearly spends all his time in the gym, and him helping you push away all the thoughts that get into the way. If you have been curious for other ways to get your butt into the gym, give this one a try.


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